Led Lights Supplying Details

India’s LED illumination story

Let us face the facts of life, in the present world we live in, electricity has become a basic need or man. Lightings whether used in the dark areas, day or night to give brightness accounts for 18% - 27% only in residential uses. In a survey conducted in 2013, more than a billion and a half of lighting devices were sold in India. Major purchases were accounted for in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore Mumbai Delhi and Pune alone, with fluorescent tubes and CFL lamps consuming high amounts of voltage with just a limited source of watt output. Power consumption and distribution became a threat to the nation, with many areas still staying in blackouts with no lighting sources. The country also suffered a huge scarcity of electric distribution sources and was forced to have load shedding and regular power outages to meet the electrical demand and supply to run a nation. Then came the invention of semiconductor fiber optic LED lights.

LED bright light trading and budget

The ELCOMA or Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers Association of India has analyzed the trader, suppliers and manufacturing demands of LED lights and has forecasted that LED lamps and LED bulbs will eventually compromise around 60% of the lighting industry within a short period of 5 years. By then, the budget for the demand would be an estimated two and a half trader growth of Rs 38,000 crore annually. The acronym of LED lights is a light-emitting diode.

Semiconductor light-emitting diode lightings

With the wide visible expansion of LED lights being adopted in various lightings sources, the significant need of citing the country's electric voltage output would drastically be reduced. LED lightings to use half the electricity of CFL lights and a tenth of electricity used in incandescent lights. That means LED users to save on their voltage consumption without losing any lighting sources and saving voltage consumption, with power savings and high watt output giving the perfect illumination and visible sight in a particular.

The lighting industry itself has volunteered to stop the production of 100-watt incandescent lights. Incandescent lights first gained popularity for its consumers because of its cheap rates; however, they always end up with a short lifespan which is not acceptable by Indian standards. With new semiconductor chips being installed in LED lightings which have a heat sink and reduces the heat emissions drastically. Another key point being LED’s do not have any carbon or mercury emissions. Generally being fit with aluminum components or better durable lighting systems.

Accent LED tube Lighting and supplying

Accent LED lightings are distributors who are engrossed in supplying and manufacturing high brand based LED lightings. Accent offers a LED lighting solution for all types of lighting sources. From LED street lights, LED high bay lights, LED spotlights, LED stairway lights, LED signage lights, LED wall-mounted lights, LED flood lights, LED mast lights, LED swimming pool lights, LED fountain lights, LED stairway lights, and a lot more. Whether it’s a standard dimension on a custom designed. The lightings are stringently checked for quality and long lasting hours of illumination The LED light is dimmable and save a lot of power almost up to 75% of voltage savings.

With a high watt output, the LED lights are widely used in offices, commercial spaces, parking lots, residential areas, government public sources, hospitals, retailers and a lot of other uses. Incorporating the latest technology and in constant connection with vendors and suppliers Accent is able to meet bulk shipment demands within a specified timeframe which is as quick as possible. LED tubes lights offered by Accent are made from the highest quality material with quality inspection and sold at affordable market prices.

Semiconductor light-emitting diode developments

Honorable Prime minister Narendra Modi of India has even launched the National Program which is focused on LED for street lightings and homes. With the inception of the plan put into action LED lightings are soon to be placed across 100 cities by the coming March of 2019. This will target an LED lighting visible audience of over 770 million LED bulbs and lamps for homes and 35 million LED bulbs and lamps for street lights. And recent news is that the LED street light distributing, would begin its inception earlier than scheduled. This means that the voltage consumptions would decrease at a substantial rate with higher watt output, clear bright sight and lowered electric voltage drain.

LED lightings conversion reason

With lighting demands and voltage consumption at the rise in India. A large portion of the government budget and finance gets pored towards funding electricity demands for the country. With the business and company industries in India rising the demand for supplying power is at apace growth. To counter this complication LED tube light incorporation in India needs to be put to task. It not only decreases the voltage consumption for the country but for the owner of the company as well. Whether residential or industrial a businessman or a homeowner can benefit with huge voltage power savings and have the satisfaction of a high watt bright output with low bills and less maintenance.

The government tends to save a whopping 100 billion KWh with LED light installations. With great technical specifications and features that LED lightings can offer, the use of LED lightings for lighting sources in India is growing at a rapid rate.

LED dimmable brightness and sensor lightings

LED tube lightings are getting smarter and more customizable from sensor lightings to help in saving power when no one is in the room or office, to a dimmable lighting to reduce watt output and voltage savings. LED lights are also fast at switching on and off in comparison to conventional lights. They also never flicker or make a buzzing sound in comparison to incandescent lamps and CFL lamps. With long lasting hours of up to 50,000 hours, the need to have a regular maintenance is also reduced.

Accent LED light Distributors

Giant ED lighting companies like Accent LED Lightings are distributors of all types of LED lightings and products making a benchmark in a brand lighting LED solution. Ranking in quality and superior technology lighting Accent helps build smarter and better lighting solutions with Led lights for all types of client requirements. Accent has offices in major cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore,

Factors that fueled LED lighting distribution and demand

  • Real market estate rising with new constructions
  • Investment increase observed in green environment-friendly buildings
  • Energy saving projects and sources started by the government
  • Demand for proper lightings in healthcare, hospitals, and medical research centers
  • Better working production in offices and industrial estates
  • Sales increase with brighter attractive lightings in commercial and retail stores
  • Upcoming residential and commercial establishing
  • Demand for all export markets
  • Industrial and corporate sectors

Core Features of Accent LED lightings bulbs and lamps

  • Leading LED distributors and manufactures in India
  • 90% energy savings
  • Longer life span
  • A wide range of voltage operations
  • Custom design options
  • Low heat emission
  • No toxin emission
  • Environmentally friendly and disposable
  • Low maintenance
  • No mercury or UV