LED Street Light

Automatic Bright Led Street Light from Dusk to Dawn

An LED illumination light is an integrated lighting system that vastly uses light emitting diodes which acts as a strong light source. In normal such cases, luminaire and fixtures are normally different part of a manufacturing process, These led lights are clustered up together and further sealed to be assembled into an led panel. These wholesale led tube panels are assembled with the help of a heat sink and then integrated well into an LED fixture.


High bay LED lights and LED Street Lights

Different types of designs are created into a light fixture and may begin based on high powered LEDs or Low powered LEDs for morning or evening sunset lightings. The very shape of the LEDs that are used in street lightings can be of various LED illumination configurations with a uniquely designed heat sink preference. Let's face the facts in comparison to company incandescent watt lights and CFL  watt lights, the hydrogen sulfur based lights are conventional and do not provide sufficient lightings. In fact, previous studies and scientific company research has shown that faulty street lights and improper illuminance have resulted in a toll of accidents that have even proved fatal and caused severe casualties. LED street lights are genuinely much safer. The best part of Wholesale LED street lights is that the light that emits close from the LED can be directed and the led light is distributed directly downwards, so the driver on the road finds it much easier and clearly visible to drive efficiently. The LED street company lights are designed with internal heatsinks that act as coolers for electronic devices. Heat sinks always tend to have various grooves to help facilitate the easy flow of hot air as far away from the led end. This can help extend the life expectancy of the led lights. LED company lights are available to suit any person or clients requirement. Accent Lightings industry makes goods with a superior quality strength that is built to last a lifetime.


LED tube light power consumption

The start to finish lifespan of LED street lights, can further be determined by the comparison of the original designed tube technical specification. When these street lights are led based, they are much safer in terms of environmentally safe since they contain no toxic gases like argon or any mercury vapors. There is no way of any carbon emissions or any other such toxic leakage. The optical fibres LED company lights are also less on power consumption, so immense power and voltage emission get saved. Since electronic LED illumination street lights are on for the entire dark night to give a daylight effect, energy consumption can mean a lot at this stage. The electric voltage is well routed from its open sources and is distributed evenly to all LED street lights without having any fluctuations. It is important to note that if the brightness of the led light diminishes by 30 percent then the LED light is on the verge of expiring.


LED advance light manufactures now in India

With almost all LED light have lenses fixed on their led panel tube which is engineered and manufactured to cast a high lighting beam in a rectangular pattern to illuminate the dark. Gone are the days when manufacturing high-pressure sodium lamps was a popular trend. With the edge of cutting new technology modern home residential and commercial improvements have led to led’s being used in a  vast demand. Accent LED lights are market entrepreneurs manufacturing world-class product finish as led manufactures in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad Secunderabad, and Mumbai. LED lights are safe and considered to be more convenient in comparison to traditional sulfur based device lights which were used to light the streets at night. These night lights were more of a nuisance with air pollution, industry watt usage and other such factors such as fluctuations, fuses, and power failure.


Semiconductor light-emitting diode usage in street lighting

The semiconductor LED focus panels is that most light is directed to the road and less light to the footpaths and other areas. This can be addressed itself by the use of processing specialized lens design and adjustable mounting sights. Having Led lights reduces the glare effect for pedestrians and drivers with a better visibility. The primary use for tube led lightings with greater efficiency by optimizing the maximum output of brightness. These LED street lights can distribute bright daylight lightings during the night, with better illuminary qualities just like processing floodlights would do. These LED tube lights have excellent FEATURES and are easy to install in a city and very low to maintain.


LED Lighting Advantages

All distributing LED street light bulbs are based on a 901 mil watt output. These LED street lights can produce the same approximate amount of luminance that uses only half the voltage consumption of electricity watts that surges from the source device. The best part about LED tube street lights is they do not just fail but rather lose their brightness when they run out of existence. These distributing semiconductor LED city lights are extremely easy to replace and require a minimum maintenance and upkeep. It is always important to understand that different LED street lights can target various aspects of the streets. For example, mast street lights can give brighter watt output where street corners and turns may need sufficient lightings. In areas such as gardens or parks low, dimmable street lights can be placed. In cases of highways and other areas, high ilumination led street lights can be installed. The projected working specified lifeline for LED street lights is estimated at 10 – 15 years which is four times the life of old-fashioned fluorescent lightings.


LED Custom street lightings

Accent Led wholesaler street lights to offer full brightness at an instance and do not suffer from restarting problems in the case of mercury vapor based lamps. These industry watt lightings provide technical specification based products to provide soothing colours for drivers during the dusk anddawn times to recognize objects at a distance and it a very clear perspective. The beauty of LED lights itself is they attract fewer insects in comparison to yellow sulfur based lights that attract nocturnal insects. LED lights do not need reflectors to amplify their light direction they can simply direct the light directly to the ground and avoid air pollution. With a reduced glare and higher downward lighting, the city roadways can be once again safe and secure for roadside pedestrians and vehicles to commute without incurring any accidents. LED semiconductor lights are also well known for its long endurance through extreme climate conditions working in full function without even/ being damaged or providing less output.


LED Dimmable street lights

 Accent LED manufacturers and distributors offer LED’s that also comes with dimmers so the type of watt lighting can be adjusted as per the climate, for example at dawn or cold winters and the sunlight illumination is much less compared to the summers in the city. In this case, the brightness can be raised and reduced during summers. Accent wholesale lights also provide custom and standard led lightings to best suit the client's convenience. Pick Accent LED watt street light for smarter led manufacturing and prompt delivery of led supplies.

LED Street Light COB
LED Street Light COB
LED Street Light SMD LED 1 Watt
LED Street Light SMD LED 1 Watt
LED Street Light SMD LED 2 Watt
LED Street Light SMD LED 2 Watt