LED Profile Light

LED profile lights, what are they?

LED profile lights are a genius innovation and invention marvel. They can be manufactured and created with a custom lighting fixture based on multiple environmental requirements. LED lights are an essential mode of lighting in today's world, due to its advanced lighting capacity and extremely flexible mechanic of working for longer hours. They enhance the general aesthetic appeal of a room with profile lighting for recessed mounting, suspended mounting and surface mounting. Simply modern and elegant in design and pattern LED profile work as the perfect choice or lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Other factors that make LED profile light a great selection for illumination and brightness is the capacity of low maintenance and low power consumption in comparison to other fluorescent and incandescent tubes. This non-flicker profile LED lights, posses a life expectancy that easily crosses over 50,000 working hours.

LED profile lights in architecture:

Designers love selecting LED profile lightings for interior lighting systems, construction and also for aesthetic appeal. They are budget-friendly and do not compromise in quality that is why they are the best ends of both worlds. These LED profile lights are also perfect for refrigerators or any critical temperature exposure. LED profile lights also emit less heat so they are perfect so as not to affect the area or ambiance or even cause fluctuations in temperatures.

Accent profile lights features:

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Longer servicing life
  4. Extreme high illumination

LED profile lights are very popular with aluminum-based LED strip profiles that come complete with diffusers. They are generally ideal for mounting onto any type of flat surface or even for recessing into a channel to provide a flush experience. Made from a sturdy hard-anodized aluminum alloy to last way longer than fluorescent or incandescent lights.




Technical Specifications

  1. Lighting illumination: All Accent profile lightings utilize hi-tech quality LED components and fiber optics for perfect brightness.
  2. Material: Polycarbonate based
  3. Installation for mounting with screws and brackets optional
  4. Extended high illuminance with 100Im/W
  5. Low power consumption with a dimmable option (at request)
  6. Color temperature with color consistency
  7. IP 65 (IP rated)
  8. Operating temperatures -30°C to +50°C
  9. CRI of 80

What to expect from Accent LED profile lights?

Elevated room designs are modern and yet simple with space for linear channel components that helps invent a balance of creativity, modern styling and performance function.

Lifespan extension with quality manufacturing at Accent LED lightings. With the superior thermal management, our channels act as heat sinks and divert heat away from the LED strips, giving them a prolonged state of life.

LED profile protects LED lights from undesirable elements, dust and foreign contaminants that can shorten or lower the brightness of LEDs.

High beam in uniform distribution and a maximum lumen output with the help of a light diffusing lens.

Applications for LED profile lights:

  1. Displays and showcases
  2. Kitchens and Bar setups
  3. Refrigeration and storage units
  4. Shops, commercial and retail
  5. Window and information boards
  6. Construction and home fit
  7. Driveways and payments
  8. Floors and stairways



LED Profile Lights
LED Profile Lights