LED Low Bay Lights

Bright low bay lightings

Brilliantly bright low bay lightings are widely available for different facilities that require low bay featured lighting fixtures. These semiconductor bright LED or light-emitting diode is for short ceiling confinements that need optimized bright illumination for light distributing. These low bay LED lights are perfect for heavy-duty base light distributing that is completely weatherproof. These Low bay LED lightings are used in great demand by commercial lights, shops lightings, garage parking lights, industrial lights and tunnel lighting.


Bright LED Lights

In order to get right illumination brightness across a larger area can be a real challenge when using conventional fluorescent tubes and lamps. These old fluorescent tubes and CFL lamps and tubes lights consume more power and give out a lot of heat which can be a burden to productivity in large warehouses that consume high volumes of voltage and watt output. LOW bay LED lights are a smarter solution providing bright light illumination by using semiconductor optical fibers that produce clear visible sight light with a lower voltage and watt consumption. LED bright low bay lights also provide absolute efficiency with minimum maintenance. This is perfect for all industrial applications or any area where voltage or watt could affect the lighting sight performance.


Accent LED low bay lights

The highly efficient Accent LED low bay lights to provide superb bright lighting solutions. Accent is a branded lighting company that is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality lightings. We cater and distribute light manufacturing with a customized process to any company, industry or commercial goods manufacturing company that requires standard or customized LED low bay lights. Our manufacturing company makes goods from the finest lighting LED technology to provide semiconductor LED lightings, that are greater than many lighting industry distributors. We are manufactures that never compromise on our LED lighting quality or international compliant manufacturing process. With our LED light distribution for low bay requirement sources in major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other areas in India. Our LED low bay lights have a uniform light distribution with a lower voltage and perfect watt output to reduce the number of extra lighting sources in a larger area. This will reduce your daily voltage consumption and lessen your overall wattage.

Accent LED lights to provide distribution of LED lights in bulk shipments as per clients dictate a fast pace of time. We are well-connected t major transportation sources and can deliver Low bay lightings in an urgent lighting demand. Trust Accent lights because we have the experience since 1985, with better sophisticated new technology-based lightings.

Low bay light-emitting diode

With our low bay LED sleek and durable design our LEDlights have an aesthetical and pleasing look while also adhering to technical specifications by industrial lights. Our LED lights can be installed in multiple applications and electrical sources, due to its high semiconductor absorption of charge to power bright LED lights at minimum voltage usage.


Installing Low Bay LED lights

Our Low bay LED lights can easily be fixed throughout a warehouse, industry or a company with perfect brightness in the day or the dark night giving better light than incandescent lamps or tubes and CFL lighting lamps or tubes. Increase light will also help increase productivity by reducing any strain or stress on the visible eyesight.

In case you are a person from the construction business, then you are quite familiar with the features and benefits of LED lightings. LED lights are known to retain its colour temperature and maintain an extremely long lifespan. Most common LED lights can operate from any type of electric source and last for over 50,000 hours before even thinking about replacing any LED tubes or lamps.

Low bay LED lightings are measured in lumens. LED lights that are effective to reduce watt consumption and can easily lower the utility bills in lighting systems.

Low beam lights also offer different beam angles for even the narrowest spotlighting application sources.

They can even be patterned for the opposite with wide beam angles. These LED low bay lights are perfect for sources which are lower than 25 feet or very low ceilings found in offices, warehouse shelves, and other low ceiling areas. Anything above that would come under high bay lightings. These LED low bay light fixtures are best at its performance to enhance and improve radiant lighting in all commercial applications and sources.


Accent LED lighting Features:

  • Super illumination LED
  • Excellent lifespan
  • Low watt consumption saving tons of electricity
  • Economic and affordable market rates
  • Heavy duty shell
  • Shockproof
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Superior grade aluminum design
  • No UV radiation
  • Mercury-free b 100%
  • Lower maintenance cost


Low bay lights diffusers

Low bay lights have diffusers at their fixtures cutting down the excess reflected light that can cause much stress on the eye. They work flawlessly for homes and offices with low ceilings.


Low bay lights customized

Low bay lights can be customized based on their dimension, watt capacity, suggested reflector and the number of lamps or tubes. LED low bay lights are definitely designed for versatility. They come with a flexible mounting option that produces higher outputs of lumen power. We cover a wide range of low bay lights that are IP specific such as IP65(water-resistant) or IP69(high-pressure water-resistant). We are completely mercury and UV free avoiding any toxic emissions which can be dangerous with low ceiling lights. With a moderate heat generated, even air conditioning load can drastically be reduced. This is perfect for labs, warehouse and storage facilities and other places that require a temperature controlled environment.


Applications for low bay LED lights

  • Assembly line LED lights
  • Warehouses LED lights
  • Manufacturing light areas and lighting sources
  • Gymnasiums LED lights
  • Industrial LED Lighting
  • Shopping Mall LED lights
  • Retail Buildings LED lights
  • Office Buildings LED lights
  • Shop Floor Lighting LED lights
  • Common sources LED Lighting
  • LED parking garages lights
  • And a lot more LED Lighting application sources