LED High Bay Light

High Bay Led Lights

There are a diverse set of technical specifications and features that set LED bright lights apart from conventional model tubes and lamps. LED lights are set to have a bright illumination, with a well-reputed achievement in excellent performance since its first innovation in the lighting industry. The company that is associated with manufacturing LED bright lights makes goods from the finest superior quality. An LED light manufacturer like Accent LED lighting is famous or its sleek designs and custom fit LED.  Accent LED manufacturers have been able to beat competitive LED manufacturing units with great ease. High Bay Led Lights are specially designed for ceilings with a large area or light where sources of light are very less. This optical fiber high bay beam light is patterned to give the maximum lighting solutions without consuming more voltage. Its high watt output ensures perfect brightness for warehouses, storage areas, high sealing lighting sources and a lot darker confined areas where the light can illuminate the night.


Accent LED high bay bright lights

LED lights can focus their light watt output in the direction of the floor to provide ample illumination. This makes it perfect for all those chemical industry and mechanical industry manufacturing to work in broad daylight effect. LED lightings are also perfect lights for all commercial, malls, museums, government offices, highway lights, street lights, LED mast lightings and passage or doorway lights. There is no end to the light-emitting diode that is not compatible with multiple applications. With a specific design to suit large area high bay LED lights are perfect to help save money on bills. Most large areas are factory or industry units. The company runs for long hours and even during the night. This high volume of voltage consumption can be a burden on the expenditures and bills of a company. The LED high bay lights are designed to have huge power saving by not only lasting long hours and reducing maintenance costs for a company, but also helps save power by up to 75% in bill savings.


High Bay Industrial Switch

High bay LED semiconductor lights operate in controlled temperature zones. They can also stand high and low temperatures and do not fail like as seen in the case of CFL lamps, incandescent tubes or fluorescent tubes. High bay semiconductor lightings know as a light-emitting diode is used for all factory outlets especially in a company with large storing units. Storage houses and silos are generally taller by sight and require a high lighting output source.

They are also perfect for installing in buildings that require a high bay lighting setup to illuminate the area. More and more business and industry areas are switching from fluorescent tubes or incandescent tubes and BFL lamps, to the great LED high bay lights for better illumination. This has massively reduced energy cost which is the main issue with commercialized budgeting. Whether it sums down for you to plan a whole new source of LED lights for your high ceiling areas in a company or looking for lighting areas in passageways in huge warehouses. Switching over from old CFL tube lights and lamp lightings, fluorescent tubes and lamps and halogen lights to LED high Bay lights.


LED high bay distributor and supply sources

The distribution in India for LED lights is everywhere in India. Accent LED lights are manufacturers and distributors with offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune. Accent high bay lights are LED for a longer and great quality watt output of luminary efficiency. Old conventional lamps and tubes have and enduring maintenance which results in a 15,000-hour life. With high bay LED lights, the working hours run over 50,000 hours.


High Bay lightings

When LED high bay lightings are installed for illumination employee safety and the chance of errors are reduced with sufficient bright light. High bay LED lightings also do not emit any caron or mercury contaminants and are completely toxin free with 0 emissions of toxic fumes. In other words, led high bay lights can provide productivity and improve everyday yield from workers making them work more effectively under abundant bright lightings.

Installing High Bay Lighting is the starting point for improving your factory conditions, an investment that will enhance the yield by improving the productivity of your workers with efficient brightness to work with. The semiconductor chip or cob is made from high purity anodized aluminum with a 120˚ reflector to distributing superior bright light. This also helps and acts as a natural heat sink that provides thermal management with a longer lifespan of lighting operation. They also do not buzz or flicker when the voltage is low or the watt output is dying. These tall ceiling areas can become very expensive if maintenance staff has to constantly to change the bulbs and tube lamps. With LED’s and its long luminary hours this problem is eradicated with a smart consistent performance.


Accent the future of high bay LED lighting Distribution

Wherever the role of lighting to illuminate and give visible sight to carry out work by a machine or a person. Led high bay lightings to act as efficient and environmentally friendly lights. With low heat emission, they are perfect for temperature controlled areas. Accent high bay lightings meet the demands form all industrial requirements with bulk shipment available for distribution and supply. We also offer dimmable LED high bay lights that help save power and increase profits for a company.

As many industries and organizations are switching to a more optimized source of light. LED lights are soon finding a home in every lighting zone. A person who wishes to save huge voltage consumptions and heavy maintenance can watch and observe how purchasing Led lights from a recognized distributor for LED lights can benefit with high bright watt performance and dependable lighting systems.


Application of high bay LED lighting

  • Warehouses LED lightings systems
  • Manufacturing and distributing storage facilities
  • Industrial facilities and Chemical plants
  • Universities school grounds
  • Commercial Led lightings and department retail stores
  • Fashion, Drama, Amphitheatre’s, Auditoriums
  • Street Corners and junctions
  • Goods and Dockyards


All Accent high bay lights are in perfect visible compliance with international industrial and commercial LED lighting specifications before being approved for distributing. Accent lightings are efficient in watt output and energy and easily available to any client for standard and custom design with very low affordable market rates.


LED High Bay Light
LED High Bay Light