LED Flood Light

light-emitting diode bright sources

LED flood lights are perfect for any security lighting for an industry, company or a residential entrance, where security and protection can be monitored with bright efficient illumination giving the required brightness in the dark and gloomy night. Floodlights are also widely used to spark up the brightness and illumination for sports events and games that are played during the night. Floodlights provide ample lighting without consuming any high voltage or wattage of electricity. This is the biggest feature with LED flood lights in comparison to fluorescent tubes and CFL lights that consume high voltage with fluctuating watt output. The brightness level is also insufficient since there is no fixed direction for the lighting.


Why pick LED floodlights from Accent LED lightings?

Led lights are designed to have hundred and one uses, ranging from outdoor security to residential porch lights, they can be used in commercial and domestic-based lights. They are way better than using halogen floodlights that take three times the voltage power with a very bad watt output in comparison to LED floodlights. LED flood lights by Accent light manufacturing makes goods like LED lights that overflow in features and last longer than 50,000 hours. Accent LED lights manufacturers are reliable wholesaler distributors that have major offices in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and covers a wide wholesaler distributing LED lights across India. Whatever may be the watt output or technical specification for the LED flood light requirements, Accent manufacturers and distributors is there to provide standard or customized lighting requirements for every person, industry or company. Accent also provides a host of exclusive features like sensor, dimmable and portable floodlighting options.


How to judge the right flood lighting with LEDs?

A few crucial things need to be followed while selecting the type of LED flood light sources before going ahead and purchasing LEDs from any lighting company sources at wholesale prices.

First, the location of the application o the LED is very important. How much of a particular confined area needs to be impacted by a bright lighting source. The overflow and blueprint for LED display all over the premises. It should give the perfect brightness and illumination without causing any disturbance to the neighboring area. Will the lighting cause glare and disturbance to pedestrians, or drivers commuting nearby (in case LED flood lights are installed in parking areas and dockyards). These optical fibers are the perfect semiconductor lighting systems that are built to use lower percentages of voltage and yet, provide a good watt output of brightness. A hot Accent LED flood light tip is to make sure that the LED is facing a 22° angle in a downward position. This is very important to follow before installing an LED flood light. Even whether the LED light is exposed near water and the chances of some water source can come in contact with the LED lights, then the LED technical specifications (IP65), the light is being made can be developed as per the condition of the surrounding environment.

As in the case of LED floodlights, their brightness or illumination is commonly measured as per the lumens rather than its watts. They maybe categorize per watts but the measurement for lighting is always taken in lumens. For example, manufacturing a 10 watt led flood light should give around 900 lumens which are more than a 60-watt halogen bulb, lamp or tube. This not only provides a better illumination but also consume less voltage.

How do floodlight LEDs with sensors work?

Some LED flood lights are designed to sense out motion detection, These semiconductor LED  lightings to give exemplary visible light at the installed area sight if a motion is detected and remain on for some time. This is perfect for lighting sources for areas where storage type lighting may be required, the solution here is to provide watt output of illumination only when someone walks in, thereby, saving tons of voltage consumption from electrical sources.


Where can I use LED flood lights?

Our LED flood lights have an IP 65 rating when it sums down to its manufacturing overflow. so they are ideal for outdoor lightings such as on-field arenas and outdoor gardens where temperature and humidity from weather conditions can affect all other CFL lights, tubes or lamps. That is why these semiconductor LED or light-emitting diode lightings are the best light source for outdoor use such as swimming pools, gardens, parking areas, etc.


Benefits of LED flood lights

Accent LED lightings are a prime distributor and manufacturer for all types of commercial company, industry or residential lights. They do not need continuance sight supervision, maintenance plan, designing work overflow or frequent replacing due to its long working hours. Research and studies on LEDs have shown that LED lights are 90% more in voltage power savings that the halogen watt bulbs and lamps. This further translates to LEDs providing low utility bills while still operating powerful lighting systems.

LED flood lights are also far more durable since they are powder coated with a to be resistant to oils and other lubrication. Another manufacturing feature is that the LED lights are well ventilated so there is no chance of the light fogging up and dimming in the process of light illumination. Pick Accent LED flood lights for a long sustaining illuminary option, our lightings are always made from the best high-grade raw material and passed through stringent quality procedures and test before being shipped out for purchasing.


Advantages and overflow features with LED flood lights compared to mercury lights, lamps, and tubes:


  • Long-lasting visible lighting performance
  • No flicker or odd buzzing sounds
  • No mercury or toxic fumes
  • Safety and quality standards rank higher than regular tubes and bulbs
  • Less heat dissipation
  • Environmentally friendly to dispose of when expired
  • Extremely cost effective with low maintenance and voltage power savings


Indoor LED flood light applications

  • Amphitheaters, auditoriums
  • Shopping arcades
  • Indoor stage lightings
  • Indoor stadiums


Outdoor flood light applications

  • Gardens or jogging fields
  • Sports fields and stadiums
  • Advertising and hoardings
  • Stage shows and live concerts & performance


LED Flood Light
LED Flood Light