LED Driverless Panel Lights

What is a driverless flat panel light?

A semiconductor light-emitting diode or a set of LED optical fibers, infused as a semiconductor that provides superb brightness and illumination and is excellent and reliable for all lighting sources.  An LED driver is an electrical device that regulates voltage to power up an LED or a  light-emitting diode. LED drivers act as semiconductors that carry out the distributing of voltage in a constant flow so that the illumination brightness of the LED light fixture remains the same. With dimmable flat panel lights, LED may have a way of a pulse width that modulates the circulation, allowing one type of channel with individual controls for different LED lights. Without a proper semiconductor driver, the LED light may get too hot and fall into unstable conditions. This can result in the LED lighting providing low performance and even fail. Accent smart LED lights, come with SMPS based drivers that can easily replace old semiconduction sources. Thes type of lights that do not require these drivers are known as driveless lights.


Driverless bright LED lights

Driverless LED panel lights are become very popular in industry LED lights, office LED lights, Commercial company lights, and even street lights. Most lighting sources, like mentioned above, use high voltage consumption and high watt output requirements. Accent LED lights, with driverless panel lightings, offer a business owner, or any person with LEDs that match their voltage and power circuits. With a wide range of LED driverless watt lightings, Accent stands out as a top manufacturer and distributor of all driverless flat panel lightings in India. We have head offices located at various terminals in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Our Accent driverless panel lightings are perfect for daylight indoors and dark nights in the outdoors where light is needed. Customers are always on the hunt for better brightness and illumination, with features and technical specifications adhering to the circuit power and still tend to save voltage consumption, despite the watt output. The advantage of our driverless LED lights is that they do not cause a flicker effect, even with short interruptions of voltage and wattage of the circuit board. We offer driverless panel lights at very affordable rates to help our customers save big on utility bill from voltage consumption.


LED non-flicker lights

Driverless wholesale LED light by Accent are designed for optimized efficiency, long lasting, fantastic performance under controlled temperatures and a good heat dissipation, which is far better than conventional tubes and lamps such as fluorescent tubes and CFL lights or lamps. These LED lights are also gleaming lighting systems without causing any glare or stress to the visible eyesight of any human person. Accent makes goods from high-grade raw material to provide better quality illumination without semiconductor drivers and still provide abundance in illumination and watt output.

So how do driverless LED’s work?

LED tubes or lamps that are conventional require drivers to control the voltage supply from the circuit board sources to the application fixture. This is very important if the driver LED lights are connected to high watt output and large voltage consumption sources like LED parking lot areas where visible light for driving is crucial to the sight of the driver operating the vehicle. Using new advanced research capabilities and technology with LED lightings have evolved into driverless panel lights, that is now more of a mainstream lighting found in most conventional replacements in an industry or a corporate company. The use of LED driverless lights is even used in great demand in public sectors and commercial malls.


How does a driverless light from Accent work?

Driverless utilizes the voltage that is incorporated in the electric watt powered circuit board and regulates the current, by changing the number of LEDs in an electric cable, to sync with the voltage coming out of the power sources. Driverless Panel lightings are generally recommended for areas where voltage amounts are known to not fluctuate. Compared to traditional tubes and lamps, the T8 was the first LED light to replace the long-standing CFL lights and lamps in homes and businesses all over the world. Fluorescent tubes used in a company or an industry emits UV/IR rays that is not visible to the naked eye or normal spectrum. Since Accent LED lightings are manufacturers and wholesalers, who are dedicated since 1985, to provide superb LED lightings, with no harm or emission of carbon or mercury. UV exposure from conventional lights often changes the color of fabric from furniture, eye fatigue and even eyesight strain and irritation. Going driverless is definitely a good option opting for Accent LED.

Custom and standard LED manufacturing

             Accent LED lightings, offer customers a wide option of superior based LED driverless lights to determine and meet your company or industry voltage requirements. The lightings can also be adopted by the number of LEDs fixed in a cable to provide energy efficient light without glare, flicker or quick ON and OFF. Look out for cutting-edge technology and engineering from standard or customized prototypes, available at Accent LED lightings. Accent LED lightings are leading lighting manufacturers and distributors with international quality LED lighting technology designed to give the best lighting service for any retrofit lighting fixture. Accent LED lightings last longer than 50,000 illumination hours. LED lights also do not buzz, but simply reduce the light output by 30% when about to expire, this is a very good feature and arrangements can be made to replace the lights without fusing and falling into darkness. These LED lights are also environmentally friendly and are easy to dispose of. We deliver, bulk shipments with a stringent quality approved procedure while manufacturing and before distributing to our vast entity of clients. These driverless lightings are best used for areas where light needs to be bright and uniform in direction. LED lights tend to cover a larger distance than regular bulbs and tubes. Al our driverless LED panel lights do just that and are available at wholesale prices that are very affordable.