LED Down Light

What do you mean by LED Downlights?

LED downlights are exceptionally easy to fit into a designated space in the ceiling. They are directly brilliant in innovative designs for applying in a huge range of lighting fixture areas. Downlights that are LED, provide better lighting in a downward directive lighting that can be quite accurate in its narrow beam.      

The most popular know fixtures in LED are the LED downlights. This is because they have more efficient illumination, have s strong durable design and are very safe in comparison to halogen or fluorescent lights.

If you wish to understand the benefits of LED downlights, then we give you a few reasons that will make you want to swap from conventional lights to Accent LED downlights:-


LED downlights use just a small amount of energy in comparison to traditional lights. Just imagine the return amount you would be saving with your utility bills. That means downlights with LED optic fiber solutions, will help generously in residential, office and commercial lightings. With light, efficiency comes work productivity.


LED downlights can be recessed into the ceiling, giving you a far better design. LED downlights are extremely useful for high and low ceilings with perfect directional lighting. LED downlights are also available in options like dimmer (the illumination brightness can be adjusted), sensor lighting (captures and detects motion and illuminates the room), driverless lights with low heat dissipation and a whole range of different technical specifications to best suit a client’s requirement.

Low maintenance:

LED downlights are manufactured under stringent quality and made from a hi-grade raw material to withstand temperature impact. This makes the product long lasting and definitely a valuable purchase. This means you spend less on replacement and repairs. This is also a time saver if you reflect on it.

Safety and environmentally friendly:

Safer than traditional lightings LED downlights are environmentally friendly. Since they have no carbon emissions or mercury and other toxic components they are safe to use and easy to dispose of. They also prevent damage to any fixture.

Technical Specifications

  1. Input voltage capacity      : AC 220 to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz
  2. Driver type selection        : Constant current and integral
  3. P.F > 0.9 or 10watts and 15 watts
  4. Accurate high surge protection   : 80 – 330 V
  5. CRI rating                         : 70
  6. LED lie span                     : Over 50,000 running hours
  7. Optics                               : Polycarbonate diffuser
  8. Accessories                      : With drivers, sensors(optional)

Applications of LED downlights:-

LED downlights from Accent LED lightings are used in a variety of applications. Below is the list of know uses for LED downlights:

  1. Modern kitchens to make them look bright and clean.
  2. Living room ceiling lights or and intense interior look.
  3. Bathrooms for a clear bright view.
  4. LED downlights are perfect for office space, hotels, retail offices, corridors, conference rooms and general shops.
  5. They are also very bright and illuminated which is great for downlight lighting in hospitals, schools government offices, lobbies, and passages.
  6. They look attractive and provide focus making them perfect for commercial and retail lighting in malls and shopping arcades.
  7. They can be added to a room for residential lighting in flats and in the room staircase entrances.
  8. They are safe to use and can even be accommodated in low ceiling areas.
  9. Providing a uniform lighting and available for clients in a custom fit.


LED Down Light
LED Down Light