LED 2x2 Retrofit Light

 LED 2x2 Retrofit Light 

What Are LED 2x2 Retrofit lights?
Retrofit literally means to add anything new to an accessory or a component. Here retrofit means adding new technology lighting solutions. A building may have old conventional lights, just like how we upgrade our style of living our lighting efficiency also needs to be upgraded. The retrofit also means conversion. In today's retrofit lights most fluorescent, incandescent, and CFL lightings get swapped for LED retrofit lights.
So why Accent LED LED 2x2 Retrofit Light 
LED lights are currently replacing a very traditional light bulb in India with the incorporation of LED lights in a wide spectrum of lighting accommodations, the use of LED lighting for multiple light solutions is phenomenal. Retro lighting is perfect for any small, custom design, interior, outdoor and even infrared lighting solutions. With such a huge market space to cover, top companies like Accent Led lightings, play a leading role in manufacturing retrofit 2x2 LED lights.
Technical Specifications:
•    Retrofit lights kit: 2x2 feet LED design
•    LED retrofit lights: Sensor, dimmable and temperature consistent
•    Lumen:  3300
•    Colour Temp: 4000k
•    Color rendering  index: 82
•    Voltage capacity: 120V to 270V
•    Made from extruded aluminum

Accent LED lightings
LED replacements for all conventional U bent lights with lighting solutions that are environmentally friendly and are extremely long-lasting. Accent LED lightings to provide high-efficiency lightings with the perfect retrofit features a quick installation and easy to operate. LED retrofit lights, have a fast turn on/off illumination. LED retrofit lights are far more superior in terms of maintenance power consumption and even bright illumination uniformity. Featuring engineering design and seamless lighting efficiency they are highly compatible with both narrow and standard T-grids. They provide the perfect 2x2 feet LED retrofit solution, that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room without disturbing the ambiance. 
2x2 retrofit LED lights
All our 2x2 retrofit LED lights to come fitted with the latest incorporation of LED technology advancements. Together with a manufacturing from a superior raw material, the quality of our LED retrofits speaks for themselves. Our retrofit lightings offer temperature consistency with an efficient lumen power. Our retrofit LEDs also provide balance lightings that can transcend and revamp a space in seconds.

Why the switch to retrofits from Accent?
•    Minimised maintenance
•    Environmentally friendly
•    Power saving efficiency
•    Reliability and durability
•    Easy to fix installation
•    Brighter uninformative lighting
Our retrofit lightings can easily out beat any conventional lightings that consume high power and flicker when they are about to expire. This can be a real problem in offices and workplaces, where the quality of lighting can affect the productivity. Business people need to seek out retrofits to cut down o their utility bills. They also last longer, making them more efficient in lighting and quality delivery. Retrofit lightings also are easy to install on fixtures, and since they are designed and patterned retrofit the entire lighting application or fixture does not have to get restructured or redone.

LED Retrofit reasons for a recommendation
We highly recommend 2x2 retrofit lightings for better improvement of illumination and long working hours. Even though LED retrofit lights are brighter than old HID and incandescent bulbs they still consume low power. This will help you manage your bills and even lower your maintenance cost. This will help bring good investment returns by using retrofit LED lights. Even when the LED has come to its life's end, they can be environmentally disposed of since they are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This is because they do not contain any chemicals such as mercury and do not emit any carbon emissions, unlike fluorescent, and CFL lights.

LED 2X2 Retrofit applications:
•    Commercial and Industrial
•    Building Construction
•    New building facilities
•    Residential buildings
•    Exterior lightings
•    Parking lots
•    Garage lightings
•    Street Lightings
•    Road and highway lightings
•    Walkway lightings
•    Sports facility lightings


LED Retrofit Light
LED Retrofit Light