LED 2x2 Customized Light

  LED 2x2 Customized Light       

      No project or engineering design can fall into a standard approach by utilizing any existing light features. Every application or pattern requires a custom design, with unique technical specifications that best suit the project requirements. Accent lights are leading manufacturers of LED 2x2 feet with customized lights. We collaborate with our clients to build prototype designs based on customers mandatory requirements. We then let our engineers and skilled workers process the pros and cons, and work with stringent quality to adhere to international safety norms. All our customized applications are easily affordable and can assist in fitting your budget and performance efficiency.

Custom LED lightings
It is high time that you make the swap from fluorescent, incandescent and CFL lightings and get into the real deal with LED 2x2 lights. Accent LED lightings is a company that manufactures all types of LED lightings, so we have a leading hold in custom designing lights. Our clients can get energy efficient lightings that can improve your lightings in your building or infrastructure, and make them more attractive and lower energy consumption bills(utility bills). With Accent, you can create a fresh design that has all the creative aspects of your business or home.

We get it. No one likes to have the same concept and theme for lightings, whether it is for your residential use or business establishment. This is why Accent creates and designs innovative LED lightings with customized solutions. We believe in quality in the whole LED component so we purchase our superior quality raw materials only from genuine vendors. 

Custom Business lighting design
Let the mark of your business stand out as an impression with impressive 2x2 customized lightings. We will provide you with customized lights that benefit your company in terms of power savings, low maintenance and a row of other factors. Our LED customized lights can be adjusted to give the perfect lighting symmetry to increase work productivity. Let us create your custom dream lighting solution.

Technical Specifications: 
•    Comes with an ultra-thin profile that is extruded from aluminum channels
•    Input voltage : range 110V - 285V 
•    Power: 40 Watts 
•    No of LED ’s: 200 SMD/ 2835 
•    The angle of the beam: 120 degree
•    Diffused Lens: uniform lighting
•    HPF: 0.95

Custom LED 2x2 lights 

The description: 
Accent LED custom 2x2 lights are a series of low profile luminaries that are compact and lightweight. These 2x2 LED custom lights are manufactured under a special curing process to make them last longer and deliver high performance with minimized maintenance.

Quality construction:
Our quality construction for LED lights is superb. Our LEDs provide maximum thermal management and heat dissipation. Our cool design allows us to run the LED chip at cooler temperatures. This results in a superior efficiency and better color consistency.

Optic design:
Our fixtures are modeled to have no glare or flicker. This is done to achieve an accurate photometric uniformity of light distribution.

The voltage supply has a range of 120 to 277 V, a 50/60 Hz and a 0 to 10 V Direct current(DC). These LEDs are perfect for customizing with applications in damp and dry areas. LED 2x2 custom lightings are IC-rated. 
Fixture: Whether its wall mounted or ceiling, our 2x2 customized LED lights can easily replace old conventional fluorescent tubes with an easy installation fix.

Application Of 2x2 custom lights

•    General lighting
•    Restaurant bar and cafe
•    Workplace ceiling lights
•    Warehouse lights
•    Classroom and corridor lights
•    Residential lights
•    Commercial and Industrial lights
•    Park and garden lights
•    Public restroom lights
•    Casino and Swiming pool lights
•    Garage lights
•    Kitchen and cabinet lights
•    Outdoor balcony ceiling lights
•    Landscape lights
•    Bedroom wall and ceiling lights


LED Customized Light
LED Customized Light