Industrial LED Lights

Powerful watt LED lights

The need for powerful light sources to run a business in an industry or a company is the most important part of any industrial area. The very reason why modern sources of lighting in an area is able to provide salient features which a business industry or a company can take advantage of. LED industrial lightings provide state of the art technology with optical fibers in LED lights. These semiconductor light-emitting diodes are perfect for any commercial or industrial area usage, where good clear visible sight is mandatory so that it reduces the chances of errors in the manufacturing in an industrial sector.


Accent LED industrial lightings

We are leading manufacturers and distributors of LED tube lights that provide safe and reliable watt powered semiconductor light-emitting diodes for illumination and brightness without putting excessive load on voltage consumption. Under stringent test and research, we provide human-centric lighting for perfect eyesight, visible bright light without straining the eyes. We, therefore, provide a company with ideal watt lighting sources that increase work productivity and safety operations for humans to operate on heavy machinery.


Industrial lightings

The demand for industrial lightings has increased tremendously with better LED sophisticated lights getting installed up in every commercial business. Accent LED lighting sources, offer a variety of industrial lights from LED high bay lights, warehouse LED tube lights, ceiling LED lights, corridor LED tube light, custom, and standard office or business workstation LED lights. Always remember that any industry has certain quality levels.


Important factors why every industrial and factory area should switch to bright LED lightings

When it comes to the industrial sources for an electrical device with excellent brightness, a company or a business industry will look for productive lighting with all the technical specifications to meet their personal gain without compromising on the safety of employees or building codes and norms.


Regular accidents:

With the result of improper lighting and electric tube light systems, numerous accidents and errors can occur in a workspace or business area. With bright lights that are harmful, a person working in a manufacturing unit or an office can find complications like blur visible eyesight, dark spots in offices at night, irregular judgment of objects and furniture around you. For a business owner, an employee's visible sight of objects and workspace is mandatory for better productivity. Accent lights provide the perfect bright illumination and human safety with reliable semiconductor lighting fixtures perfect for all electrical lighting sources.


Visible Sight strain reduced:

With weak fluorescent tubes or incandescent lamps and tubes being used in an industry or a company the chances of eye damage when constantly exposed to these conventional tube lights or lamps. The eyes become very irritated, burn or even tear up the tear glands. With long-term ignorance for any fluctuation due to voltage or watt output from an old light, the possibility of reduced vision, double vision, bad visual perception, and headaches are at a high risk. At Accent LED lighting the manufacturing and distributing of LED lightings are well tested or its light sensitivity to a person before being approved for purchase.


Long lasting:

When it comes to industrial lightings the lightings are exposed to harsh environments and irregular voltage or watt power. Such areas need LED lights that work excellent under these factors and still maintain to save tons on power and voltage. They also last longer and work for 50,000 hours and above this reduces regular replacements at industrial areas and diminishes extra maintenance costs. LED lights also reduce heat dissipations that can affect air conditioning regulation of temperature in a confined controlled environment. They also do not emit any toxic fumes, that can react to certain materials in industrial areas.



Migraines are very common with industrial lightings that are extremely bright without a proper dispersion or distributing of lighting and illumination. LED lights have perfect distribution in lighting allowing for uniformity and direction. Proper illumination and daylight effect lightings systems, provide eye protection lights that increase work productivity and improves business.


LED bright industrial technology lightings

In the recent years, LED technology has taken a steep climb in the demand for lighting sources in India, that are both, reliable and energy efficient.  Accent LED lightings are famous manufacturers and wholesale distributing company, that is known for our high-quality semiconductor light-emitting diode lightings. With huge offices available in big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. We are connected to all major city and route lines through rail, roads, air, and sea. Our delivery time is well maintained with deadlines by an industrial company for their lighting demands. Our vendor sources provide quality grade raw materials, which we use in our wholesaler manufacturing company that makes goods for lighting fixtures of all kinds. Every industry or commercial company can look to us for better customized LED lighting solutions.

We make wholesale value lightings an offer affordable price ranges for lightings that best suit you. Since 1985, we have worked on LED lighting technology to increase our quality and features to better serve our customers. Our innovative light technology advancements have enabled us to provide low voltage consuming lightings with a better watt output of lumens. Our LED lamp lightings can accommodate and adapt to multiple lighting sources and applications. LED lights from Accent can run with perfect functionality and illumination under harsh, wet and moist factors which are commonly observed in industrial areas. The most common know LED light for industrial fixtures to diversify from IP65 to IP69. It is important to remember that the higher the IP the greater the level of ingressive safety.


Resistance to certain chemicals

This is very important for any industrial lighting sources, where there is hose down or wet applications, where the chance of exposure to chemicals is highly present. With industrial sectors consuming a heavy amount of lighting, the need for a proper LED lighting system requires being incorporated as early as possible. With continuance running of lightings in the day and night, with manufacturing and distributing being a 24/7 business in most business and commercial driven enterprises, switching to smart Accent LED lights will be the best decision you can ever make.