Commercial LED Light

When it sums down to commercial lighting sources for lighting area needs. Finding the right type of light may require a number of different commercial area lighting shapes and dimensions. If you seek a good manufacturing quality lighting distributor company that stands apart from other light industry manufacturers, then seek Accent LED lightings. Whether its standard light or lighting requirements for customized technical specifications and features, our light-emitting diode semiconductors are perfect for commercial lightings that induce bright light and lumen output without consuming high amounts of voltage. Our LED commercial lights work flawless for all e-commerce offices, retail shops and malls to name a few applications for lighting sources. We can accommodate a bulk number of lightings for indoor areas and outdoor areas.

We can also manufacture LED lightings that can process huge wider bright illumination for commercial areas like light poles in parking lots, driveways and many different types of outdoor area storage facilities. With offices and commercial estates racing to make profits and money, the need for spending more hours in an office is now a necessity. With better LED commercial lighting, a person can feel comfortable and not get any strain, migraines or stress with long office working hours. A better lighting not only increases work productivity new research shows that commercial outlets with brighter efficient lightings, also have increased the sale in retail, the brighter the focus display, the more attractive and appealing the highlighted product was to the customers.


LED lights for better illumination

Choosing the best watt powered LED commercial light for your space is very important. If you are unaware of the correct watt lighting system for your commercial business area or enterprise, then contact Accent LED lightings for the best advice on LED lights. Our professionals can offer the best standard light to match your business features and in case they don't measure up to standard requirements for dimensions, we can advise a customize design with prototype manufacturing process, that still adheres to safety and environmental friendly lightings. Our lightings have bright semiconductor LED illuminations that get rid of the use of installing additional lamps and tubes. In comparison to fluorescent tubes and lamps or incandescent tubes and lamps, LED tubes and lands offer extremely low voltage consumption with a better watt output. LED tubes and lamps are a huge power and money saver for commercial lightings. These LED lights are designed and to help save on your business utility bills and help you save a lot of money. We are the best manufacturers and distributors of LED commercial lightings to give bright light irrespective of the day or dark night usage. You name it, we have it, from flat panel LED lights, high bay LED lights, mast LED lights, spot LED lights, LED focus lights, signage LED lights, etc.


Accent LED commercial brightness

            We are also excellent for installing at warehouses lighting areas, garage lighting sources, business lighting areas and street lighting sources. We provide a fantastic illumination of brightness that works for more than 50,000 hours. Accent LED lightings is the king distributor and manufacturer company for LED lightings in any office, company, industry or retail store outlet. We have the experience and the skillset to implement new technology in our lighting industry to carry out a manufacturing process that adheres to international quality and safety norms. As a leading market business entrepreneur, we offer a good sale on commercial LED light purchases at affordable prices. We are dedicated to the process that makes goods with quality and not compromising on the grade of our lighting systems. We use bright optical fibers that are merged together to form a very dependable lighting device. Our engineering design is stringently tested for performance, brightness illumination, and durability before being shipped out for distribution to our loyal client's business needs.


Commercial bright LED tubes and lamps:

Commercial LED tubes and lamps are light-emitting diodes that are widely used in business and offices. These slim base LED lamps and tubes provide sufficient watt bright lightings and enhance the elegance of a room thereby, attracting customers.


Led floodlights:

Thes LED light sources are cubical shaped structures that are easily capable of a light beam distributing, they can brighten up an entire regular area.


High bay company led lights:

These type of semiconductor lights are engineered under a new technology process, that is gaining a huge demand for high sealing lightings like warehouse lights, storage lights, malls and commercial market paces. These light have a good downward light distribution that is strong and consistent enough to provide perfect high illuminance.


Led tube replacements:

These are the standard watt regular sized LED tube lights and lams that fulfill all types of functions to suit any industry or commercial lightings, such as focus lights for all types of furniture displays, artifact displays, plant displays, low ceilings, and objects. These LEDs are a big asset for a commercial for a retail business.


Shop LED Lights:

Shop lights with Accent Led are extremely easy to install and require minimum maintenance. They are useful for shops, outlets, restaurants, garage lightings and anything that you need to shed some light on. They can be suspended, mounted and even plugged into an electrical watt source or area and still give an excellent output with low voltage consumption.


The advantages of Commercial LED lightings

  • Financial money savings
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Health Benefits
  • Low maintenance
  • Bright Illumination even with low voltage
  • Long Lasting
  • Breakage free
  • No fuse, flicker
  • Less heat dissipation
  • No toxic emissions like mercury, carbon or sulfur
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Dimmable and sensor watt lights available
  • Customised options


Most business offices and retail outlets have designer based architecture and furniture, the need to highlight these features without changing the color and brightness is crucial to creating an attraction. The better the aesthetic appeal, the more comfortable and attractive a customer would be. When objects are put on display for sale, finding the right LED lighting can be crucial to the visible attraction to the sight of the customer. This visible display with a good watt output of light can attract the sight and lure the customer over. LED commercial lights are available with Accent LED lightings as a light manufacturing industry that creates a resh design and pattern, so the lighting fixtures suit the clients lighting area environment without looking out of place or ugly. Accent provides excellent watt output lighting for major cities in India such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune. Switch to Accent LED lights for a budget-friendly offer on all LED commercial lightings. Accent LED lightings, we bring your commercial enterprise to life.