LED T8 Tube Light

Product Details

The LED T8 Tube Light are specially designed to provide high quality lighting as opposed to the strenuous fluorescent lighting which is commonly used. This power-efficient, energy-saving LED T8 Tube Light is ideal for homes in India, and provides the perfect, flicker-free lighting, which the regular lights do not. Accent’s LED T8 Tube Light is 1 foot 4 inches in size, comes in three shades of warm white, cool white and neutral white, and provides more than 90% efficiency. We are LED T8 Tube Light distributor, manufacturer in bangalore, hyderabad, mumbai, pune, india

Accent LED Lights design LED T8 Tube Light, for the sole purpose of replacing incandescent and fluorescent lights, due to the fact that they are more power conservative. Other features promoted, by its quality performance and its strong durability to work in a weather controlled environment. With the life span of the lights for more than 15,000 hours upwards, it diminishes the maintenance cost factors. Led lights are environmentally friendly and are easy to recycle.  Our led T8 tube lights can be used in direct fixtures so they are perfect for office spacing, hospitals, factory lightings and commercial spacings. T8 has an output of 2,200 lumens with very low heat dispatching, making it perfect for common use. These lights reduce costly repairs or the need for any replacements on regular bases. Our led lights are available for customer purchase at leading market prices, with an outstanding performance delivered.