LED Profile Lights

Product Details

Available in custom length as per the desired requirements, our LED Profile Lights is the best in the business. They are designed to provide the right amount of brightness that complements the decor and design of the interiors. Generally installed in the corners, cabinets, cupboards, display sections, designer concepts, coves, etc, our LED Profile Lights are available in warm white, neutral white and cool white shades. We are LED Profile Lights distributor, manufacturer in bangalore, hyderabad, mumbai, pune, india.

Accent led profile light, are largely in demand with fitted aluminum led profiles, with a complete easy installation. Our LED profile lights are an ideal solution for mounting brackets or custom designs for a flush experience. Whether its stairways, pool lighting, gardens and outdoor lighting, we deliver led lights that are made from the best quality of raw materials. Designed and coated with aluminum alloys, for safety and long-lasting resistance to time ware. Acting as an energy power saver our panel lighting profiles are exclusive in design, texture and performance output. All our Led profile lightings have unique features like waterproofing, heat dissipation, aluminum anodized finishing and high strength. We are a prestigious supplier and manufacturer of all led illuminations, that can be designed for decorative, commercial and residential housing buildings. Our led profile lightings, come with inbuilt SMD strip and end to end caps on both sides.