LED Panel Light or LED Panel

Product Details

We offer two very innovative LED Panel Light or LED Panel shapes in the form of round and square lights, whose lit edges offer the perfect illumination and brightness for closed and interior places like corridors, hallways, conference and meeting rooms, malls, and shops, along with other such enclosed spaces. Our LED Panel lights are not only energy efficient, but are also environment friendly, making Accent LED one of the most futuristic LED Panel lights manufacturer in India. The three kinds of LED Panel shades we offer are, Warm White, Neutral White and Cool White. They are available in 8W, 12W, 15W and 22W. We are one of the leading LED Panel Light or LED Panel distributor, manufacturer in bangalore, hyderabad, mumbai, pune, india.

Accents LED Lights, brings you a new and smashing design and performance, on all types of  LED Panel Light or LED Panel, that is perfect for any commercial or domestic application. All our panel lights come with adjustable and dimmable options that fit into any circuit boarding. With easy installation and low maintenance, our led lighting excel in performance and illuminance output. We offer all led panel lighting with standard and custom designed dimensions and sizes. The led panel lights undergo superior quality inspection, during manufacturing and are guaranteed to deliver high energy savings. Adhering to international standard law all our products are thoroughly checked for glitches or defects before being shipped to our customers. Our led panel lights help replace traditional CFL lights in performance, quality, and durability. Due to its strong heat resistance or under-water resistance, depending on the type of use the type of led panel light can be perfectly incorporated into any application with no resistance.


LUMENS 1000lm 1500lm 1850lm 2700lm
DIMENSION 105 X 105mm 150 X 150mm 180 X 180mm 216 X 216mm
CUTOUT 93 X 93mm 133 X 133mm 160 X 160mm 197 X 197mm


LUMENS 1000lm 1500lm 1850lm 2700lm
DIMENSION ⌀ 106mm ⌀ 149mm ⌀ 180mm ⌀ 216mm
CUTOUT ⌀ 93mm ⌀ 133mm ⌀ 160mm ⌀ 195mm