LED 3in1 Panel Light or LED 3in1 Panel

Product Details

Panel LED lights

The year is 2018 and the demand for flat panel LED lights are booming by the numbers in every lightings market industry and manufacturing company. Every professional or residential person is seeking new ways to control voltage consumptions without affecting the distribution of the lighting process for their electrical sources and dark lighting areas. LED panel lights give the perfect brightness and illumination during the day or at night. Lighting with Accent as a manufacturer and distributor for semiconductor light-emitting diode optical fibers that feature only the best and the latest technological advancements and technical specifications for LED lights. We are leading market suppliers and major distributors for all semiconductor LED lights.

Accent LED 3 in 1 panel lights

We rank in the top numbers for distributors and as a LED 3 in 1 panel light manufacturer when it comes to tailoring made and standard LED light processing for cities like Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other major areas. We also offer LED 3 in 1-panel lightings in bulk number of shipments with a superior based slim fit design. Our LED flat 3 in 1-panel lights are designed and embedded with an extruded aluminum framework, that is coated with a high grade powdered finish. Our LED lights are available with a wide number of LED panels to choose from that differ in size and watt output. These low voltage and excellent watt output lights have a high transparency that makes goods for lighting devices with SMD LED chips for an optimized efficiency.

Budget Friendly 3 in 1 panel lights

Affordability for every person who desires an LED lighting is highly possible with Accent LED lights. Our superior quality and long-term experience have made us professional LED lighting manufacturers who know to carry out a manufacturing process without increasing our sale rates. Our 3 in 1-panel lights are guaranteed to last long and promise to be durable. Our excellent watt powered LED lights adhere to international lighting standards and safety norms which can be ut to its best use in India. We stringently check our LED lights for strong and stable lightings before being shipped out to our clients. LED 3 in 1-panel lightings give presentable illuminaion and brightness to provide a uniformed glare-free visible sight. These LED panels have a visible sight of bright illumination and come in two shapes square and round. Our flat 3 in 1-panel lights come in three fantastic shades such as neutral white, cool white, and warm. Our LED panel lights also have categories of power inputs such as 8 watts, 12 watts, 15 watts and 22 watts.


Accent launches the 3 in 1 LED panel light

Accent LED 3 in 1 LED panel lightings that have either a surface mounting, recessed or even suspended options that are available to any number required for any such industry or commercial company area of application and sources. Using only new edge lighting technology, we are in the manufacturing process for designing sleek ultra-thin uniformed lightings for replacing all types of conventional tubes and lamps such as fluorescent tubes and lamps, CFL tubes and lamps, and incandescent tubes and lamps. Flat 3 in 1 pane lights have a wider coverage of lighting sources with multiple areas for lighting fixtures. Besides being used in an industry or a company they can also be used n home interior lights such as workshops, garage lights, kitchens and any other type of domestic lighting source requirement. We have a large set of models that range between 3000k t 5700k with colour base temperatures for a higher lumen output.


  • Unmatched lighting illumination an energy efficiency with low glare due to high CRI and LED chip process
  • Perfect for replacing all traditional CFL tubes and PL downlights and tubes
  • Compact dimensions available with an excellent lumen output
  • 190°  wide LED lighting set to provide a wide direction and uniform distribution of light
  • Excellent diming option on request
  • Power inputs sources of 8W, 12W, 15W and 22W
  • CRI of 80
  • Environmental free with no toxic emissions
  • Available in pearl white finish
  • Easy installations and mounting fixtures
  • Sensor lightings available as per clients requirements


Why Accent LED 3 in 1-panel lights?

  • Low affordable cost
  • Slim look and aesthetic appeal
  • Huge power saver
  • Excellent Heat dissipation
  • Even brightness and light distribution
  • No carbon or mercury emission
  • An immeasurable semiconductor LED lighting systems
  • Durability and resilience
  • Long lasting capacity

LED bright light distributing

The best part is our LED or light-emitting diode are a great light source for smart lighting. Our company uses a combination process for manufacturing point, planning and assembling 3 in 1-panel lights in a number of application sources for different particles of light requirements. When it comes to the potential of using these optical fibers for lighting we can supply the absolute distribution of light brightness. Our constructed process of guide plates and diffusers work in perfect harmony to provide a wider, low voltage softer light. Our panel lights also have instant starts without any flickering when staring, plus there is no possibility of any IR interference.

Light Adjustment

The light color of LED panel lights can be adjusted according to the different needs or circumstances. It helps shield the eyesight of a person from excess light and radiation. High brightness is finally possible with our 3 in 1 panel light that uses a light reflective panel and a sealed design that help with a larger glowing output of light. We add more impurities to our semiconductor chip that creates free electrons, thereby, increasing the conductivity of our LED panel lights. With brighter lights in LED lightings, the number of lights can be reduced in an area and help save on extra purchases. Our LED 3 in 1-panel lights works perfectly in India for areas where unstable electricity and low voltage power supply can be a real problem. LED 3 in 1-panel lights are also shock resistant and come with hard resin instead of the conventional tungsten wire glass that is quite famous for easily damaging.


LUMENS 1000lm 1500lm 1875lm 2700lm
DIMENSION 105 X 105mm 150 X 150mm 180 X 180mm 216 X 216mm
CUTOUT 93 X 93mm 133 X 133mm 160 X 160mm 197 X 197mm


LUMENS 1000lm 1500lm 1875lm 2700lm
DIMENSION ⌀ 106mm ⌀ 149mm ⌀ 180mm ⌀ 216mm
CUTOUT ⌀ 93mm ⌀ 133mm ⌀ 160mm ⌀ 195mm