LED 2X2 Backlit

Product Details

Accent LED Lights, brings you the best offers, with die casting solutions for 2x2 Led back lit panel lights, that give you a uniform and smooth lights. Influencing modern technology and design. Our LED 2X2 Backlit lightings are best suited for any drop ceiling, that uses recessed mounted kits. We supply two different types of 2×2 LED troffer lights namely, LED 2X2 Backlit and 2×2 slim sidelit/edgelit LED lights. We are LED 2X2 Backlit distributor, manufacturer in bangalore, hyderabad, mumbai, pune, india. Our panels are manufactured using PDC technology, which involves extreme pressure die casting. This method helps are LED lights to perform with high output and efficiency. LED backlit lightings are radiant and bright, with an environmentally friendly energy saving capability. Designed for sudden heat dissipation. Our Durable and Safe LED lights are very low in maintenance and provide a much higher output, in comparison to conventional CFL lamps. We offer all types of LED backlights with standard dimensions and sizes. With an easy installation and long performance, our products stand out as quality oriented lightings at very affordable market rates.