Led Lights Distributing Details

LED Light Distribution

The LED or light-emitting diode market in India has stood at a whopping 918.70 million in the year 2016 and is estimated to grow with a CAGR OF almost 24.66% between 2016 and 2022. This will cause LED lightings to reach a benchmark of $ 3,758.74 million in the year 2022. This is the main reason why the Indian government is taking a priority base initiative to boost LED illumination lighting systems in every house and factory. The use of LED lights will not only consume less voltage at home but also benefit the country with less voltage power consumption of electrical power sources. LED bright lighting distribution has already begun in major cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai.

These cities need larger sources of power due to the day and night functioning of the city. LED lightings launched in a city, company or industry will help reduce the voltage power crisis that we all face now. LED distribution has never been as much in demand as it is now with the help of the government and internet sources, Better superior quality LED lightings are now available throughout the nation. Companies like Accent LED lightings offer great quality optic fiber semiconductor LED chips with low heat emission. Selling at affordable budget-friendly prices, these LED lightings are in high demand. Accent as LED lighting distributors is well known for their systematic shipments and quality bright LED illumination. Bulk or customized is no hurdle for a company that has been running since 1985.

Accent as LED lighting distributors

A large demand from LED lights is for LED bulbs and lamps, LED spotlights, LED downlights, LED wall-mounted lights, LED dimmable lights, LED high bay lights, LED 3 in 1-panel lights, LED waterproof lights and a lot more of options based on clients requirements. These purchases are available in standard and customized dimensions.

Research and analyze have brainstormed and surveyed and have discovered and embarked a journey on all the aspects of LED lighting distributing and their target audience for distribution.

LED or light-emitting diode lightings Key Target Audience

  • LED Down lights, LED lamps and bulbs, LED spotlighting, LED high bay lights and all other LED lighting manufacturing
  • Consultation on companies and research at organizations
  • Organizing partnership with alliances that are related to LED lights(eg. Furniture and construction companies)
  • Government compliant and international quality and safety check
  • Industrial association
  • Consulting firms and visible research in new technology Advancements in LED lightings

Market trading divided by application

  • Indoor lightings
  • Outdoor lightings
  • Automotive lightings
  • Other lightings

The market plan from an end user

  • Institutional
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential

Marketing plan by geographical LED lighting distribution

  • North region
  • South region
  • West region
  • East region

Light Emitting Diode distribution and supplying trade

The demand for LED’s or Light Emitting Diode is rising at a very fast rate in India. With the advantages of LED lightings out of the hat, consumer purchases have skyrocketed with LED transformation over conventional fluorescent tubes and CFL lamps. With LED lightings in high demand is not just private sectors but are now being incorporated in industrial and government lighting requirements. LED lightings are popping up in homes and street lights well lit during a dark night with ample of brightness. These high watt output Led lighting sources last longer and require less maintenance in comparison to other incandescent tubes and lamps. Led lighting lamps also do not emit any toxins and our environmental friendly to dispose of. However, it is also important to note that voltage power savings without reducing the brightness watt output are only possible with LED dimmable bright lightings. This being the reason every person or business owner, whether residential, commercial, industrial are switching over to reliable long-lasting LED lights and bulbs.

LED light distribution

LED light distribution is becoming a major source of energy efficiency in lighting up India. Even though the prices of LED light are a bit more than conventional light they run longer than old tubes and bulbs like incandescent lamps and CFL lamps. They also save on the voltage and provide a better-directed illumination with a high watt bright output. Most LED tube lights are classified by their application of use, the wattage, the end user and the region. LED lightings are then mixed with the current trends and patterned in a customized prototype for all clients requirements. Owing to the government initiative in LED light and awareness in cities, companies, industry and rural areas the demand and distribution of LED lightings have increased on a massive strength. This is why a trader or light manufacturers of LED lightings like Accent LED lightings have analyzed growth areas in marketing LED lights and aligned new strategies in accordance with current and future dynamics in LED bright light marketing.

Common LED lightings by Watt output

  • LED lightings tubes Up to 5Watt
  • LED lightings with 6Watt -10Watt
  • LED lights with 11W-15Watt
  • The semiconductor LED lights with 16Watt - 20Watt
  • All semiconductor LED lights above 20Watt

Distribution and supplying of LED lights

The Indian distribution and supplying of LED lights have 51% trading between LED lighting distribution and government requirements. For example, the LED street light market is benefiting from huge power savings and reduced road accidents with a clear visible driving sight for vehicle commuters and low maintenance for the government. The long-running hours over 50,000 ensures that the streets require little maintenance and bulb or lamp replacements. There is also a big boom for Led lights being distributed in commercial sites.

While in the commercial lighting segment there is a heightened interest in industrial lighting and in down lighters, which in India are vigorously shifting to LED as a source. In addition, the Indian government has proposed major measures to encourage LED industry. With Indian companies and industries offering huge distribution with a variety of LED lights and products with reliable bright light for a clear visible sight at industries help production work get done faster. These LED semiconductor lightings can operate at multiple power sources and have bright luminance.

The Indian market is dominated by large LED light industrial players and suppliers such as Philips, Wipro and Accent LED lightings to name a few. The countries growth and digital revolution have accelerated the use of LED lightings in very common lighting source. LED manufacturing has a high volume of distribution on the market scale with the convenience of its rise and demand for better and smarter lighting power sources.