Branded LED light manufacturers booming in India

By Accent Led Lights

Wed, Aug 29, 2018


Semiconductor light-emitting diode

LED or light-emitting diode manufacturers in India, have been booming with a massive conversion from convention old fluorescent light and incandescent lamps to the era of new LED lightings. These LED optical fibers, feature excellent technical specifications that can diversify itself to suit all types of commercial, residential, office an industrial needs. From the very sight, of sunset or a dark evening, LED lights are here to exist to distribute illumination to the air till dusk or daylight until its the dawn of the new night. LED lights light pathways, street lights, office ceilings, industrial spotlighting, high bay lighting and a lot more. LED lighting is also available for underwater lightings, such as swimming pool, monuments with fountain lighting etc. These semiconductor LED light systems are quite a hit with even Indian villages switching over from fluorescent tubes and incandescent lamps to smart LED brightness. The bright light in LED’s is clearly visible with natural sight. The ones that aren't visible are used in mechanics and remote control device equipment where infrared lamps are used. These infrared are not visible in plain sight but yet function effectively with other electronic device appliances.

LED bright light advantages

With the ever so popular demand for all types of LED lighting systems, the need for manufacturing and supplying many LED bright lights is now a full-scale business operation. From start to finish all manufacturing of raw materials with the LED manufacturing now begins at a single point. The manufacturing company or industry makes goods from superior raw material and after they get treated with impurities these semiconductor LED lightings are tested for voltage, quality, technical specifications and safety under various methods to determine its durability, lifespan and performance efficiency. An Industry or company that is a manufacturer in India are making superior quality LED tube lightings that are not only bright but by far outrank the standard quality and environmental protection safety in comparison to unreliable fluorescent lamps and CFL tubes.


LED bright lights for tourism attraction

LED are very cost effective, in the long run with LEDs the risk of losing the bright light effect diminishes with long LED tube light lasting hours of working.  They also use less voltage and produce effective bright watt power output, giving you the perfect illumination you require. Hotels and restaurants require bright light power to give the daylight feel, without causing any glare or harm to the human eye when in visible sight. LEDs offer anti-glare and have lighting capabilities that can direct and focus light in the direction required, this is a brilliant feature for all hotels and other commercials such as retail, offices, etc. Light savings is a profit for any establishment and business. Pus the bright illumination from the LED light requires very low maintenance and does not flicker or take time to come on or off. The bright light also has been scientifically proven to increase work production hours, no wonder it is used in an industry or a company to increase the manufacturing process and multiply profits.


LED lightings for India

There is no single doubt that LED tube lights are the key to the doorway of India’s future lighting systems. LED lights are even being used in residential and are customized based on a person's needs. These bright LED lights are a sure shot promising business for manufacturing companies to grow. A famous business consulting firm like Frost & Sullivan has even predicted that India in 2021 will have an astounding 57 percent of LED lightings running in the Indian market zone.

LED light qualities

LED lightings are here for the long ride. The LEDs lights do not have a glass protection or require one for that matter. In fact LED lights are much safer when they are soon at the last stages of their life, they just dim their watt output and brightness, they do not flicker or give a buzzing noise like fluorescent tube lamps and incandescent tubes. LED tube lights do not release any harmful toxins either that can be harmful to humans and nature as well. With no carbon emissions and reduced heat emissions, Led lights are the demand of the light industry watt output solutions.

LED applications:

Offices, Hospitality, Hotels, Universities, Outdoors, Concerts, Sports stadiums, Auditoriums, Museums, Residential, Retail, Commercial, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry, Malls, Billboard advertisements, Street, Roads, Garden, Parkways, Highways, Public sectors and a lot More.

Here are a few top companies that make LED with international and seamless features standards:-

India’s top brands with LED bright lights include


  • Philip
  • Accent Led Lights
  • Havells
  • Wipro
  • Bajaj
  • Moser Baer
  • Surya
  • Eveready
  • Osram


Branded LED Light Company

Philips : Philips Electronics India Limited is a company that is well known an reputed for its achievement in electronics. Their company name Royal Philips Electronics, which has its headquarters based in the Netherlands is famous with Indian lighting customers for bright sight LEDs. They are excellent manufacturers of LED watt lighting. They offer quality illumination with long lasting life. From home decor and interior lighting solutions, they offer advanced technology and cope with the safety requirements of today's light systems.

Accent LED bright light: Accent LED Lights: Accent LED lights are big star manufactures in quality. They are in the LED manufacturing industry since 1985. Their stringent quality test and multi designs offer exclusive high quality oriented LED luminaries for outdoor and indoor light requirements. With all products be certified by quality checks and having a huge expansion with the capability to supply all over the country. They have branches in top city sectors and areas such as Pune, Hyderabad, Secundrabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Their Lighting sources are designed from a superior raw material with 0% carbon emissions. This non-toxic safe LED lightings are the making of pure genius Led designs with superb trending LED bright technology that saves a tremendous amount of voltage and watt power energy.

Havells Group: Havells Group is also a well know and recognized brand in India that offers lighting solutions for all personalized and standard requirements for any LED systems. They also provide any type of LED lights and accessories for LED watt lighting systems. The group Havells had started a lighting company in 2007 that is called Sylvania.

Wipro: Wipro started off as a vegetable-based oil company and quickly realized the potential with LED light manufacturing in India. Slowly sinking their hold into LED lightings they soon became entrepreneurs in LED landscape lighting. It is also the largest supplier of LED light solutions or all petrol retail outlets. Wipro can be considered one of the rapid companies to embark itself in the LED industry.

Bajaj Electricals: Bajaj Electricals has revolutionized the LED industry with quality lighting sources and systems in the field of a light-emitting diode. They are a leading LED lighting consumer durable company with pioneering in LED street lights and solar lightings. Bajaj Electricals offers environmentally friendly solutions for LED lightings in India.

Eveready: Eveready is a Kolkata based company that is run by the Khaitan family for over 10 years which was grandly celebrated in 2005. They are a leader in the battery market in India and are now tapped into the market sources of LED light systems. They cater lightings to urban and rural areas with high-end savings on LED watt lights and illumination.

SYSKA: SYSKA has been in the LED lighting industry of manufacturing for some time. Its popularity succeeded with its vast promotions in advertisements and its reliable energy efficient manufacturing that makes goods and LED light solutions. They offer innovative designs and patterns to a diverse requirement for various LED lightings. Consider them reasonably market price with a reliable working function.

 Moser Baer: We all know Moser Baer and their brand for CDs and DVDs. They were the first company to market Blue-Ray discs in the country of India. They are now into high ranking LED light systems with LED street lights that range from 10 watts to 150 watts output. They provide low voltage solutions with high illumination output.

Surya: A well-recognized brand like Surya has been in the Led market as a leading manufacturer for decades. They provide LED fixtures for with multiple power connection sources that can be fitted to provide the perfect brightness and light solution for any area. They can be used for office sources and landscape areas and are environmentally friendly to dispose of.  The quality is seamless with LED lights that can retrofit to suit controlled fit environments.

Osram: Osram are reliable and highly efficient in LED manufacturing, Their design and custom manufacturing is very creative with various applications in industries, government offices, hospitals, construction sites, Security, commercial, etc. The LED light systems are very safe and non-toxic. They also have an aesthetic appeal and can be used for decorative lighting in tourism and other related sightseeing in India. They also operate well with humid conditions which are a common phenomenon in the Indian weather.

All these brands from Wipro to Accent Led Lights all the way to Bajaj play an important role as leading LED manufactures for smarter and energy consumable light systems. They deliver amazing brightness and illumination and rule the LED markets of India. Always pick the best brands for LED lightings since the demand can also lead to duplicate, first copy or fake low quality LED lights circulating the markets as well. Trust in a brand for reliable and safe LED light for your homes and business.


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