Advantages of LED Lights

By Accent Led Lights

Wed, Aug 29, 2018


LED or Light Emitting Diodes

LED or Light Emitting Diodes are the latest and most outstanding technological advancements in the lighting industry. These LED lights soon took the city by storm, being one of the best sight and clear visible solutions for operating in industries, nightlife, manufacturing, and construction plants and even targeting open home and commercial lightings. Accent Lights grabbed the opportunity of becoming a leading LED light manufacturing company, with standard and custom solutions for client’s requirement.  This popularity for working LED lights has grown all over the nation, especially in places like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, just to name a few. We make goods that feature quality finish and state of the art design and function. High-quality illumination, with the perseverance for perfect LED lightings. We base our light source on semiconductor technology with a service guarantee set to start and end 20 times longer than the regular old fluorescent lamps. LEDs are used widely in many areas due to its numerous technical specification advantages. Working LED distributor lights itself are much more reliable than primitive fluorescent tubes and CFL’s. This allows an opportunity to mention what are the best advantages of LED lights.


LED light illumination

LED’s have spread across the world and can be seen visible in every business marketplace. Having a universal value to compensate for the day during the night, they are a huge demand amongst the people today with requirements for standard and customized options differing from person to person. The revolution of these new lighting systems can be visible in offices, retailers, museums, universities, schools, etc. It is estimated by the year 2030 the working LED electronic innovation that would BEGIN save up to 190 terawatt hours of electrical power per year on the streets, which adequately sums up to about $15 billion dollars a year. Now that is considered as a benchmark marvel in the consumption of electronic power. The list never really ends, and with such a high demand the need to stand out from our competitors is what we stress on. Here are some advantages why LED wholesaler lightings itself is not just the future but to be applied in the present as well.

LED Energy Efficiency

LED lights are more conservative to begin with, rather than regular mercury or sulfur base street lightings such as incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent that has resulted in immense power savings and energy savings, maintenance cost savings were areas that require extended periods of lighting. LEDs also have the knack of aiming the light in a particular direction in comparison to other dusk appearance styles of lightings that emit light and heat. LED’s are also known for aiming their light in a specific direction which is not the case in old conventional lights that spread heat from dusk to dawn and illuminate in all directions. Since companys manufacturer LED’s that are always mounted on flat surfaces they tend to emit better light in a hemispherical way rather than spherical. The directional influence of LED lighting can help reduce unnecessary wasted energy for increased illumination in a company.


LED Extended life

            When we take wholesaler fluorescent tubes or incandescent lights into consideration, they burn, fuse, burst, or even simply explode, Such is not the case for semiconductor LED lights with their own technical specifications. These lights never burn up or die, they slowly fade away. The brightness reduction can easily be observed in the evening, night, during close time at at the sunset and the LED light can be replaced with safety. High quality finish LED lights manufactured by Accent LED lighting has a lifespan range from 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours and sometimes even longer. This depends completely on the duration period and the purpose of the LEDs. While typical old conventional incandescent lamps last only for 1000 hours, this is a huge difference and should not go unnoticed. Even a fluorescent tube lasts only for 8000 to 10000 hours. A longer operational lifespan with LED street lightings ensures a reduced labor and maintenance cost. Replace all primitive bulb styles for cutting-edge LED industry finish lighting solutions.  


Extreme Cold Temperature LED function Lights

Light-emitting diode lightings are very favorable under cold climates unlike other conventional lightings such as CFL lights. These low temperatures cause conventional city lights such as fluorescent tube lamps and other CFL’s to use higher watts to power at their sources and brighten the light, especially in dark areas where daylight does not penetrate. This can be a big problem in office spaces, highways at night and other non-ventilated areas. With LED’s it is different the features and performance increases as the temperature lowers. This makes LED lights a perfect fit for all refrigerated display freezers, cold storages and even in many outdoor applications as well other sources. The light efficiency of Led’s are measured in lumen per watt and can drop and work in temperatures at - 5°C.


Light-emitting diode durable street lights


LED’s street lights in a way come without any specific glass enclosures or filaments and is break resistant and highly immune to vibrations or such type of impacts. Traditional and conventional lights contain quartz or glass exteriors makes it prone to breakage. LED’s street lights are different and don’t require glass or quartz exterior base. They are directly mounted on circuit boards and are connected by soldering lead.


Quick on and off

Most road HID street lamps and street Fluorescent tubes do not provide entire sight or brightness and illumination on switching on. It takes almost three minutes to a maximum voltage amount of light watt output to start up and switch off. On the other hand, come with a maximum 100 percent illumination so the switch on and off mode is instant to split second without any delays.


 Rapid LED cycling

With old fluorescent street road lights and HID street bulbs, the lifespan is very short with a limited amount of road street light running hours. While LED road lights remain unaffected by any such rapid cycling. LED’S have the capacity to be well sourced for occupancy and daylight sensors with dimmable solutions.


Led lights and controls

It takes a lot of money to customize and make commercial fluorescent lightings dimmable, this problem is eradicated from start to finish with LED semiconductor devices which inherit the capabilities of control. Most optical fibers LEDs can be dimmed to 10 percent of light watt output while most fluorescent lightings can barely reach just 30% of full illumination. Semiconductor LEDS offer unique dimming with a seamless step up level dimming ranging from 100% - 10%.


No UV emissions from semiconductor Led lightings

With less than 10 % voltage of all power that is used up in road incandescent lamps, gets converted to visible light while the majority of the power in watts that are consumed gets converted into ultraviolet lights. This so-called radiated heat gets converted into infrared (IR) or extended radiated heat. This can actually result in hazardous heat emission causing burns or may have side effects that differ from person to person when exposed. Led road lights emit no such IR or UV exposure. Rapid technology advancements in all LED city lights and technologies that have led to lower costs and higher performance reliability. LED’s are energy efficient and are extremely based on many combination factors that include the quality of city light, adequate distribution form electrical sources, extended lifespan and are dimmable. 


LEDs also provide great rendering in colour (CRI)

With CRI the measurement process of such lights is the ability to expose the colour of the object in comparison to an ideal source of lighting such as natural light. Higher CRI is the personality of the light which depends entirely on its application. LED’s have always been known to provide excellent CRI ratings.


Bright CRI LED lightings

The best way to acknowledge a good CRI rating is to directly compare between traditional manufacturing lights such as city HID and city fluorescent tube lights that contain sodium vapor and LED’s with a high CRI.


Accent Lights in India supply and manufacture LED lights for Mumbai, Pune, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and several new locations offering standard and customized LED lighting to suit all your needs and provide better power savings with an excellent service. These city lights are best suited in day and night conditions since they are bright and complete with illumination. Accent LED makes goods that stands the test of time and can be accommodated in indoor and outdoor voltage setups. They also come with different categories ranging from low temperature to high bay to even waterproof lighting processing device. Pairing these LED’s semiconductor lights with intelligent sensors and dimmable control systems can build smart efficient sustainable solutions for all lighting needs and requirements.



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